HaYovel’s First-Ever
Online Tu B'shvat Seder!

7:00 PM CST on Wednesday, January 27, 2021

What is Tu B'Shvat?

a celebration of restoration

“Tu” means the 15th and Shvat is the name of the eleventh month of the biblical calendar.

In the land of Israel, on this date, the trees begin to wake up from their winter slumber. Because of this, the sages of Israel set this day as the marker for calculating the tithes from the produce of trees. Whatever was harvested since the previous 15th of Shvat was counted up and the tithes were given as instructed in the Torah (Deuteronomy 14:22).

To celebrate God’s provision of produce and land, it became customary to have a special ceremony and plant trees. Today, Israel is experiencing the greatest restoration of all time. Join us as we celebrate God’s faithfulness to His land and people! 

Details About This Event

We’ll be filming a professional, beautiful seder right here in Israel’s heartland, and premiering it live with you on January 27th. We’ll go through the traditional seder, with Israeli wine, special breads, fruits and nuts from Israel, and the Tu Bishvat haggadah from our friends at First Fruits of Zion. 

We’ve grown to love this incredible holiday here in Israel, and we know you will too. Join us, no matter where you are in the world, for an unforgettable and meaningful experience. 

Here's What You Need to Do

Register for the Event

Keep scrolling. You can register at the bottom of this page. The cost is $20 per person (max of $50 for a group/family).

Order Your Haggadah & Wine

We’ll send you an email shortly after you register with information on the things you will need to gather or buy to have a Tu B’Shvat seder in your home as you follow along with us. Things like wine, a haggadah booklet, certain kinds of fruits and nuts, etc.

Join Us Live

7:00 PM CST on Wednesday, January 27th

After You Register

After you register for this special seder, we’ll send you an email with everything that you need to purchase. This is a summary of what you will need:

  • Fruit and nuts (purchased at your local grocery store)
  • Special bread
  • White wine (or white grape juice)
  • Red wine (or red grape juice)
  • a Tu B’shvat Haggadah

Ordering Wine

We recommend ordering wine from Israel! You can buy Israeli wine online from our good friends at IsraeliGoodWine.com (use promo code HAYOVEL when checking out to get a discount).

Depending on your state of residence, they may not be able to ship it to you. You can also check wines from the Judea and Samaria region on KosherWines.com.

Alternatively, you could pick up wine or grape juice from your local store. 

Ordering a Haggadah

Here is the link to order your Haggadah from First Fruits of Zion. Order right away so that you’ll receive it in time, or purchase the PDF so that you’ll have it right away. 

Registration Prices

For 3+ People


For Two People


For One Person


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